Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Gavin Harvests First Gobbler At Close Range

Gavin harvested his first gobbler in his hunting career at close range. His gobbler came at full charge to the turkey fan he took his shot inside of 10yds. His shot was on target and resulted in harvesting a mature Nebraska Merriams gobbler.

Gary Walker Returns To Nebraska In 2012

Hi every one. If you have read the blogs from Scott Croners  site you have read about my hunt last year. It was great. As you recall. I hunted last year in some of the worst weather you could imagine. 30 mile winds. rain and occasional snow flurries.Scott still got me my birds .Well, this year was about as 180 degrees the other way as you could imagine. We had sun, little wind and very dry. This was the problem all winter and spring. Hot weather started the birds early and they were about 3 to 4 weeks advanced. We were working birds that thought it was the third week in May not April. ( the last day I hunted It was 92 deg.).

All the Toms were bread out and didn't want to fight any more. (I guess getting beat up all spring takes a toll on you).. Every thing was advanced about three to four weeks because of the weather, Scott still took me out in these conditions and fond two birds that wanted to commit suicide. Between the two, total time was about 8 min.  Now there was some scouting time, but the point is that Scott Croner and the Nebraska hunting co is the premier Turkey hunting organization I have found.,

I hope this blog helps every one understand that this year the weather has made things far more advanced then before. Scott will do everything that he can to get you your birds, he runs, watches and ;listens to what the turkeys are doing, Scott will get the birds for
you, I have never been let down.

Scott Croner and the Nebraska hunting co, Is the only Outfitter I will ever hunt with in Nebraska.

The one thing I will say is that no matter how great Scott is, he still  can not control the weather, i promise you,  from a previous client, that Scott Will do all that is required to get the best birds possible

This is the best Turkey hunting experience I will ever have. See you next year Scott (fan man). I have already re booked.

Uncle Bucks lodge is great. Marilyn and Walt are fantastic proprietors. It is a working ranch so you will meet a verity of people and conditions. The food is second to none and you can't ever get enough of the family atmosphere. If you need anything all you need to do is ask.

In summery, This is the most professional and personable outfit I have ever associated with. Scott will do all he can to make sure you have a great time/

See you there..

Gary Walker

Please call Scott and book the best Turkey hunt you could ever imagine and I may see you there

Sis & Mel Harvest Mature Merriams Gobblers

Sis and Mel harvest mature Nebraska Merriam's turkeys.

Spring Turkey Hunting Photos 2012

Link to spring turkey hunting photos for 2012.

Monday, May 7, 2012

David Marshall Harvests Merriams Turkey In Nebraska


    Just wanted to thank you for probably what I could call the best and most exciting turkey hunt I've ever had! I knew it was going to be a success when you have a guide who works harder to fill your tag than most hunters do to fill their own.
    I have hunted with other outfitters before but none seem to measure up to the experience that I recently had with you and the great hospitality that I was shown.
    There wasn't once that we went out that there weren't birds seen and worked, GREAT strutting  Merriam's Toms everywhere. This is probably the closest thing to a one hundred percent hunt that a person could get. Everything is there that one would want for a great experience. You've got the high energy Guide, lots of birds, great food, camaraderie, and a successful hunt. If anyone ever asks me about my hunt, I will never hesitate to point them in your direction and give them all the info. they need to contact you so that they too can have the opportunities that I was given on my hunt.
    This was a unique experience for me, not your typical southern turkey hunt. Lots of fast paced hunting action. I saw more turkeys in a day and a half hunting than almost a whole spring season most other places.
    I am truly appreciative of the efforts that was put forth in order for me to harvest the birds I came home with. I am looking forward to returning next year and plan to bring my wife along to hunt as well. I almost hated to leave I was having so much fun, but you can only do so much once you're tagged out.
    See you next year Scott, and thanks again.

    Sincerely, David Marshall
        P.S. Scott, I took one of the Trophy birds I harvested at your place to the Taxidermist today.