Saturday, February 12, 2011

Tom Thrasher Enjoys Chasing Gobbler's With Nebraska Hunting Company

Tom Thrasher
14466 Sherwood Ave
Omaha, NE
May 2, 2007

Scott Croner
Nebraska Hunting Outfitters Company
Lincoln, NE

Hi Scott,
We just arrived home from our turkey hunt and had an easy drive. It only took us 4 hours
with a short stop for a sandwich and we wanted to let you know that Monty and I had a great time. The hunt was all together different than I expected which was a good thing. My only other hunt involved setting up a blind in the woods and calling birds for 3 days without success. I was expecting the same process with only different results this time. As it turned out, the entire hunt was different. I’m not one to sit still for several hours so your hunt was a perfect fit. It offered lots of variety and action with excellent results. It was like elk hunting for turkey! There was lots of activity and exercise which really made the hunt fun.

We were both impressed with your bird calling ability and George also did a very nice job. You made us both feel very comfortable and I appreciated your constant concern about how we were doing physically during the hunt. You know that we retired folks aren’t always in the best of shape. I believe we would both like to repeat this hunt and I’d like very much to talk to you about a deer hunt this fall. Thanks again for a great time and I look forward to receiving the pictures.

Best regards,

Tom Thrasher

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Preseason Scouting for Spring Turkey 2011

Well after trip to the woods on the first warm day here in Nebraska it didn't take long to figure out that even the turkey were ready to feel the warm sun on the coal black feathers. I ventured into two alfalfa fields this afternoon to look for any sign that the turkeys had decided that winter might be coming to an end and sure enough something provoke on of the toms to shock gobble down in the timber. Maybe we shouldn’t' rely on a ground hog to predict weather winter will be over sooner than later.