Thursday, August 13, 2015

Merriam's Spring Turkey Hunts In Nebraska - Complete Your Grand Slam

Merriam's Turkey Hunting In Nebraska - 402-304-1192Merriam's Turkey Hunting In Nebraska
  • April 16 - May 31, 2016
  • 3 days / 3 nights per hunter:
  • $ 1495.00 Archery / Shotgun Package includes:
  • 2 Tom Turkeys (third turkey $500.00)
  • All Inclusive (Food & Lodging)
  • Transportation once you arrive at NHC, Inc. Lodge (Uncle Bucks Lodge) in Brewster, NE
  • Permits (NOT included)
  • Game Cleaning (NOT included)
Call 855-473-2875 or visit to book your spring turkey hunt.
The wild turkey is the largest upland game bird in North America. Adult Merriam's toms taken in the fall season average 18 pounds and adult hens average 10 pounds. Hybrid birds can be heavier weighing more than 25 pounds.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Merriam's Spring Turkey Hunt - Steve Schumacher

Merriam's Spring Turkey Hunt - 402-304-1192I drove 1,200 miles from Ohio to hunt Merriam Turkeys in Nebraska with Scott Croner.  The trip proved to be one of the best hunting decision I ever made.  

I was able to arrive at Uncle Buck's Lodge by noon on the day before my scheduled three day hunt.  Since the previous hunters had already tagged out and the weather forecast for the next few days wasn't good,  Scott told me to grab my gear and off we went.   An hour later I had my trophy Merriam.  Fortunately I have a good heart as this bird was taken at 6 yards.    The next day, in a snow blizzard and 30 mile per hour winds we navigated a long stalk on a trophy Rio Grand Turkey which I harvested at 35 yards.

Scott Croner is second to none, when it comes to turkey hunting.   If you listen to what he tells you in preparing for and during the hunt, you will kill birds.  Croner enhances the hunt with his knowledge and enthusiasm for turkey hunting.  He understands and shares in the excitement and the importance of your hunt.  

With the pending bad weather, I  was pleased to be tagged out on the first scheduled day of my hunt by 11:00 am, with two trophy birds.  Merriam's Spring Turkey Hunt - 402-304-1192

Not only was it a great hunt, but the accommodations and hospitality at Uncle Bucks Lodge was first class.   The food was fabulous and I even got to check and feed cattle with (Walt) the owner of the ranch.

Not regrets on this trip!   I highly recommended this hunt.

Go prepared and be ready!   It can be fast and furious.

Steve Schumacher

Monday, October 7, 2013

Francis McLaughlin On HIs Way To A Grand Slam With A Merriam's Gobbler

I would like to thank the Nebraska Hunting Company for his help in getting me a Merriam's turkey.  Scott is totally committed to getting you a turkey.  He is focused on hunting and will put you on birds.  For me this is the third leg of a Grand slam, now only needing the Osceola.  Another group hunting while I was in Nebraska completed 3 grand slams!  One needed a Merriam's, the other two needed a Merriam's and a Rio!

Thanks to Nebraska Hunting Company for my Merriam's and awesome hunting memories.  Thanks to Marilyn and Walt for the hospitality and wonderful accommodations at Uncle Buck's Lodge.

Frank McLaughlin


Monday, February 4, 2013

Mike Savage Harvest Three Merriam's Gobblers In Two Days

Scott, I wanted to thank you for a great time on my turkey hunting trip. I saw as many turkeys as I ever have. Your ability as guide and also knowing the land was impressive. The accommodations, food, and hospitality were great.

Thanks A Bunch,
Mike Savage

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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Spring Turkey Hunting Tips - Merriam's Turkey Hunting

Tips From A Turkey Guide

1) Don’t get too close. Set up a couple hundred yards from a gobbling turkey so you don’t risk spooking him.

2) Don’t call much. Use soft yelps and clucks to let the bird know where you are and then quit calling. If the bird gobbles then answer him with some soft yelps, purrs and clucks and go silent again.

3) Be ready. Have your shotgun shouldered and pointed in the direction of the last gobble. Once the bird is in sight you need to have your head down on the gun, safety off and be pointed in the right direction. Any movement at this point on your part is suspect to getting you busted by the bird’s amazing eyesight.

4) Let the turkey find you. If the tom is heading in your direction don’t call. Let him come find you.

5) Be Patient. Don’t be in a hurry to get up if your bird doesn’t gobble. Wait him out. If he ends up gobbling away from you and doesn’t come back after 40 minutes to an hour, pickup and move.

6) Listen. When you move to a new spot in the morning, listen for 5 to 10 minutes before calling. Many times if a hot bird is in the area he’ll gobble and you can pinpoint his location without announcing your presence.
If you’d like to gain an education in turkey hunting, then I highly recommend you spend three days with Scott Croner at the Nebraska Hunting Company. For more information or to book your next hunt, visit or call (855) 473- 2875

Monday, June 4, 2012

Merriam's Turkey Hunts - Nebraska Hunting Company

Guided Merriam;s SpringTurkey Hunts
Complete Your "Grand Slam" with a Merriam's Turkey
April - May
All Inclusive Guided
Call or Email Now To Book Your Hunt

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Gavin Harvests First Gobbler At Close Range

Gavin harvested his first gobbler in his hunting career at close range. His gobbler came at full charge to the turkey fan he took his shot inside of 10yds. His shot was on target and resulted in harvesting a mature Nebraska Merriams gobbler.