Sunday, May 15, 2011

Gary Walker Enjoy's His Merriam's Turkey Hunt In 2011

I just got back from a Turkey hunt with Scott Croner and it was a fabulous experience. Not only did Scott deliver but in some of the most adverse conditions imaginable for turkey hunting. The weather was cold with a steady drizzle with periods of heavy rain. Winds were 15 to 20 MPH with gusts to about 30 MPH. These conditions would make recreational water fowlers think about staying on the couch to watch the Corn Huskers Play instead of going to the marsh. Most outfitters would not hunt in these conditions because you can’t call the birds and stalking takes too much effort. With the versatility of Scott’s style this doesn’t even slow him down. With rain and wind at times so strong I had a hard time hearing what he was saying we took off after the elusive gobblers.

Now I won’t say it was easy because the birds are a little more skittish in these conditions but with the vast acreage Scott has to work with, he had no difficulty giving me multiple opportunities using his run and gun tactics. I have been use to watching the slow, calm decoy method on TV, as most of you have, and this was something I was not expecting. This type of hunting is very fast and very intense. It really raises the excitement level. By afternoon we had harvested my first two turkeys ever. I was elated.

The next morning it was more of the same. High winds and a light drizzle. Off we went. We saw several groups of birds and put on a couple of stalks. Then we decided to check some birds we watched the day before. There they were. Many hens, Jakes and multiple large gobblers. Scott parked the vehicle and got his fan and the hunt was on. Using his impressive and unique technique we were able to creep (belly crawl) to within about 30 yards. Scott told me to take one of the back gobblers. Now by this time I could see one of them strutting just yards away and the excitement level was through the roof. I rose up and shot and got my gobbler. When Scott looked at it he just said “oh my god wait till you see this”. The bird is huge. Over 10 and ½ inch beard and over 1 and ¼ inch spurs that hook up. A real limb hanger. Scott said it was worthy of mounting and that is what I will do. We shook hands and I was still shaking.

The short of it is that Scott Croner and the Nebraska Hunting Co, in my opinion, is the premier outfitting co. in Nebraska. He is very intelligent and has knowledge of Turkey hunting that is second to none. His versatility ensures that even in the most adverse conditions you will not sit around the lodge twittling your thumbs because your outfitter doesn’t want to exert the effort it takes to hunt in bad weather. Scott will get you in the field and I guarantee he will give you many opportunities.

Uncle Bucks Lodge is a very comfortable and friendly environment with great food and a beautiful setting overlooking the river. The owners will do what ever it takes to ensure you have an enjoyable stay.You can see geese and turkeys from the balcony. Scott will do his job impeccably. You will get exactly what you pay for and more. He goes above and beyond to ensure it is the experience of a life time and it is.

After Scott puts you on the birds, the rest is up to you.

I can’t wait till next year. See you then Fan Man


Gary Walker
Tremonton, Utah